How to Build Self-belief to Achieve Goals

How to Build Self-belief to Achieve Goals

Self-belief is an important factor in goal achievement. Most people have a tendency to think that they would be happier or that they would feel better about themselves when they reach a certain goal. What they fail to understand that self-belief is required to achieve the goal. 

This self-belief is termed as “self-efficacy” in behavioral science. Self-efficacy is the confidence or judgment that a person has that he will be able to meet the demands of a situation because he has the skills and resources to deal with it.

Self-efficacy is related to specific tasks and situations. I will call it self-belief or belief from here on.

If you already have high self-belief, you will be able to relate to how it is acquired, if you have low self-belief, the four points given below will help you to grow it, these are four important ways to gain self-belief.

Previous Successes: 

If you have a belief in your own competence, your overall chances of achieving your goal increase. Previously achieved goals will help a lot with self-belief as they make you recognize the level of your creativity, your ability to persevere, and your ability to fend off distractions.

You would be more motivated to perform the actions that you think will produce results.

This is why it is important to set achievable goals. Self-belief can get stronger as you achieve small tasks related to an achievable goal. If you face a lot of failures at the start of your journey, you will stop trying and your self-belief will be affected too.

Scientists say that a person with an established high self-belief will deal with failures differently too. This person might blame the overall strategy or the impractical timeline as a reason for failure. In contrast, a person with low self-belief would blame their own incapacity to achieve the goal.

I have a goal to learn Adobe Illustrator. I plan to upgrade my laptop and start working towards this goal. I am spending money to upgrade my laptop due to my self-belief related to this goal. The reason is that I have successfully completed relatively difficult training in the past too: my Coursera certificate.

This past experience makes me think that I have the self-discipline to complete a new training. I also remember getting stuck with the Coursera training but I persevered and solved the issue. This shows me that I do not give up easily.

If you have a new goal in mind, it always helps to use your past success. If it’s the first time you are achieving a more challenging personal goal then it is always good to plan some achievable short term goals and the self-belief gained would help you in the long term.

If you do not have much big success in the past, you first need to work on being conscientious. 

Learn to Be Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness means being diligent about the tasks that you are supposed to do.

I had taken a paid personality test run by Dr. Jordan Peterson. I always thought that I was high in conscientiousness but that quiz told me that if I was in a room with 100 people, I would be the 50th most conscientious person. That came as a surprise to me. 

I have since dug out more information on how to be conscientious and it has helped me. As a first step, I started keeping a morning journal, an idea that I got from Tim Ferris. This idea has helped me plan my day early in the morning. I am more aware of the 2-3 most important things that I need to do in the day.

These kind of daily plans will help you keep your priorities in check and you will also have a record of when you slacked off.  Next morning, I write about “what could have made yesterday better”, this keeps me honest about my focus on goals. With these small successes, the self-belief increases too.

Learning From Others

Learning from how others achieved a similar task in the past can help you too. In the past, a person had to go under an apprenticeship to learn valuable skills. With the internet, we have access to information that can give us a precise method to follow.

You can use a teacher online, an entrepreneur, or a businessman as a role model and see what skills they had to achieve a goal. You can then decide if you can achieve something similar.

I have seen a sports documentary, the latest one about Michael Jordan called, “The Last Dance”. Though I loved watching it, I can say for sure that I cannot achieve what he has. I guess no surprises there but my self-belief is not very high when I think of being an NBA most valuable player!

On the other hand, I was watching a video related to blogging and the expert said that it is a good idea to learn Adobe Illustrator. I could relate to the examples he gave and I had some prior experience with a related tool.

I had done a web design course on Udemy earlier, I knew that I was able to pick up the tool pretty fast. So the video made me excited about improving my skillset as I had a high self-belief around this.

You can use this method and if a book, video, mentor, or friend has achieved a goal by following certain actions, you might think that you can do it too and you can pursue the goal with high self-belief.

Verbal Persuasion and Physiological Information:

Verbal persuasion happens when an expert motivates you that you can do a certain task. For this method to work. This method is not effective in itself, it has to happen along with the first two ways. You need to have some self-belief before you can be persuaded by someone.

Physiological information can affect your self-belief. If you feel stressed or anxious before performing a task then it means that you won’t be able to perform as well if you were not so anxious. This source of efficacy is the least effective of all.

As an aside, physiological information is very important in dealing with distractions. You can read about that in my other blog post: manage distractions and achieve your goals.

Cut Off From Negative People 

When you are on your journey to achieve something great, it is important to surround yourself with people who are positive. Tim Ferris often says that “you are the average of 5 people that you spend time with”. In this case, it can be the books you read too. If you do not have hugely successful people around you, the books can help but surely do not have negative and discouraging people around you. 

Even if you have very high self-belief, a negative person will still take your positive energy away. The path to achieving greatness is already difficult, you do not want to drag extra weight with you that can be easily shed away. 

It also helps to avoid the constant checking of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These apps can sweep you away into a world that does not have any value. Be a bit conscious while using these apps all the time. 

In the end, you want to have a big chance of achieving your goal. Establishing your self-belief or keeping it high is an important step that would reduce your anxiety and keep you ahead in your the chase of your goals. 

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